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Cornell Canine Health Center

A network of Cornell scientists and clinicians working to improve the health of dogs

About Us

The Cornell Canine Health Center (CCHC) is a network of faculty and staff within the College of Veterinary Medicine working together to promote the health of dogs around the world. The CCHC coordinates Cornell’s faculty, hospital resources, and diagnostic facilities for the benefit of dogs and their owners.

Cornell’s expertise in animal health and diagnostics is unrivaled. Thanks to the contributions of Cornell’s scientists and clinicians, the CCHC will be a resource for owners and veterinarians seeking accurate, up-to-date canine health and behavior information.

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Our Mission

The CCHC is dedicated to improving the health of dogs around the world through research and outreach to owners and veterinarians. To accomplish this mission, the CCHC will:

  • Fund and coordinate cutting-edge canine health studies at Cornell,
  • Communicate information online and in print about dog health and behavior to owners, breeders, and veterinarians, and
  • Hold regular workshops in person and online on subjects related to canine health and well-being for veterinarians and the public.


Cornell University is a leader in canine health

About1The health problems of man’s best friend have been the focus of research at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine for decades. Scientists at Cornell are responsible for such landmark accomplishments as the vaccines for canine distemper and parvovirus, genome studies that are transforming our understanding of how dogs evolved and were domesticated, and genetic studies that have identified the causes of several common diseases.

By coordinating and funding fundamental basic and applied research and fostering the development of new techniques for clinical practice, the CCHC will build on this legacy and nurture an even greater focus on canine health at the College in years to come.

Education and disseminating information are also key to accomplishing CCHC’s mission. The internet is packed with articles about dog health and behavior, but it’s often difficult for an owner who is seeking answers to find reliable and accessible sources of information. Dog owners need information they can rely on, he says, and Cornell’s depth and breadth of knowledge on dog health and disease is unparalleled. With information verified by Cornell University scientists and clinicians, the CCHC will represent a valuable public resource for the dog-owning public and for veterinarians who want to direct their clients to authoritative sources of information.


Funding for the Canine Health Center

The CCHC is currently supported by funds generously donated by the estate of Barbara Herndon, a long-time donor to the Baker Institute for Animal Health, a research unit within the College of Veterinary Medicine. The CCHC will be funded on an ongoing basis through the partnerships with additional generous donors, foundations, and corporations that have a stake in the health and well-being of dogs. Learn more about supporting the Center.

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