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Cornell Canine Health Center

A network of Cornell scientists and clinicians working to improve the health of dogs


Owners1Helping dog owners get the answers they need is fundamental to CCHC’s mission. Through our new website (coming in summer 2015), print publications, and workshops, we’re here to help owners and dog breeders with information on topics ranging from fleas to Lyme disease to arthritis.

As a dog owner, you need information you can rely on. The internet is packed with articles about dog health and behavior, but it can be difficult to find reliable and accessible sources of information.

When it comes to dogs, Cornell offers a depth and breadth of knowledge on health and disease that is unparalleled. With information verified by Cornell University scientists and clinicians, the CCHC strives to be a valuable public resource for the dog-owning public and for veterinarians who want to direct their clients to authoritative sources of information.

To help dog owners and veterinarians with timely and accurate information, the CCHC will:

Communicate information online and in print about dog health and behavior to owners, breeders, and veterinarians and,

Hold regular workshops in-person and online on subjects related to canine health and well-being for veterinarians and the public.

Owners3The CCHC is currently developing a new website, complete with articles on dog health and behavior, interactive features to teach you more about man’s best friend, and videos featuring Cornell veterinarians demonstrating and explaining dog care procedures. Sign up on our home page to receive updates about the Canine Health Center and about the launch of our new, improved website.

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