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Cornell Canine Health Center

A network of Cornell scientists and clinicians working to improve the health of dogs


Research1To promote the health and well-being of dogs , the Cornell Canine Health Center will coordinate a competitive grants program to support basic and clinical research investigations as well as product development.

The CCHC began as an idea among faculty members at the college to support the canine-related research being carried out there. The health problems of man’s best friend have been the focus of research at Cornell for decades, and the list of accomplishments at the College of Veterinary Medicine that have improved the lives and well-being of dogs includes the vaccines for distemper and parvovirus and genome studies that are transforming our understanding of how dogs evolved and were domesticated. By coordinating and funding fundamental basic and applied research and fostering the development of new techniques for clinical practice, the CCHC will build on this legacy and nurture an even greater focus on canine health at the College in years to come, says Parrish.

Investigators at Cornell’s College of Veterinary medicine are invited to submit applications for funding from the Canine Health Center beginning in the summer of 2015.

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